Honesty is paramount.
Without honesty we navigate this world

Frav Writes is a project – a quiet wish – that through unwavering authenticity and an inclusive perspective we can rebuild our faith in writing and writers. It comes as a response to the growing insincerity and fecklessness present in throw-away media.

Safe As Houses

TW: Suicide, grief. Nearly three years ago my brother took his own life after a period of depression. What follows is a true narrative. 9th May 2017 1:17pm. I was sat in my bedroom, the room that used to be yours before you went to university and discovered a bigger world. I looked out of… Read More Safe As Houses

TEXT ART: Intersections of Meaning

At the very beginning of his book Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation (1987), Gerard Genette provides the simple definition ‘A literary work consists, entirely or essentially, of a text, defined (very minimally) as a more or less long sequence of verbal statements that are more or less endowed with significance.’ In isolation, and within the context of his work,… Read More TEXT ART: Intersections of Meaning